Ruth Coleman

Ruth Coleman

1926 - 2021

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Obituary of Ruth Coleman

To Remember Ruth. 

Growing up in the great depression, a time that seem to break some and strengthen others, Ruth had the grace and faith and understanding that the Lord was her shepherd, and She share that positivity encouraging others with her confidence and wonderful smile. She spent her childhood on an Iowa farm where she ran and played as she grew older, working with her father in the fields. After high school she married her love of her life Ron Coleman Senior. And together they raise six boys who are now themselves old men.  Her sons and everyone who has met her. Love of faith and family. Just like Ruth in the Bible she gave all because her former father promised all a simple faith and simple love Ruth was the best sister wife mother friend because she listen to her Lord she remembered Mark 12:30 “love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul with all your mind and with all your strength".


My dad and all of us kids, took our lead from a woman that lead with love.  A father and six boys that thought they were loved the most. Who was right, we all where, we where all blessed by God. Because we got to be in the family we needed to be in. My dad thought he was the guy, no it was mom, but what a lucky man. He won the heart of the woman that could love him. And us boys, well God put us in the right place, under a loving hand that built us up.  

Well on dad’s birthday July 22, 2021, we will rest moms ashes by dads at 11 o’clock. That’s at Lakeview Cemetery the north west entrance. Hopefully all the remaining boys can make it. That’s us five and it’s for all the other guys and gals that have a place in there hearts for Ruthie, mom, grandma, or Mrs. Coleman.

The next day the 23 if you can’t make it to the house 1451 210th Ave. If we could sit around from 1 to 3 pm eat a bit and talk, and remember mom. Please stop by, and if you can’t remember her in prayer.